RIAI Simon Open Door 2019


RIAI Simon Open Door 2019

Simon Open Door is now closed

Thank you to everyone who supported RIAI Simon Open Door 2019 to raise funds for the work of the Simon Community throughout Ireland.
Sincere thanks to all the architects around the country who gave their time free of charge, and all those who booked appointments and donated.

What you can you expect from this consultation?

General advice on:

  • Architect's fees and services.
  • Information on building costs including VAT.
  • Discussion on building materials likely to be used.
  • Planning requirements or Exempted Development from Planning
  • The documents that will be used for planning, tenders and building contracts

Please note the following when booking your consultation:

  • All consultations will be held in your chosen Architects practice unless another location has been stated on your confirmation booking email.
  • We may have to add a charge of €15.00, if you wish to swap your appointment once it has been booked. So Please book carefully!
  • If you have any questions or encounter any problems while booking please contact: fundraising@simoncommunity.com