R.I.A.I. Simon Open Door 2015

Open Door returns the Saturday 9 May 2015 and Sunday 10 May 2015

Bookings opens the 14 April 2015 10:00

Thinking of renovating your home? Sign up now for your consultation with a registered RIAI architect.

We are delighted to announce the launch of the 2015 RIAI Simon Door campaign, now in its tenth year. Once again we are asking members of the public to sign up for one hour consultations with their local architects for a €50 donation all of which goes to the Simon Community to help end homelessness. Since 2004 this campaign has raised €350,000 and more than 5,000 consultations have taken place. We are thrilled to have the support of the RIAI and the local architects who donate their time and expertise freely.

Images courtesy of (L) ODKM Architects (R) CVLTD

We would love to hear what you thought of Simon Open Door and your experiences so we can share your stories online please send in your stories to info@simonopendoor.ie

Images courtesy of (L) Ryan W. Kennihan Architects (R) nineteeneighty

For further information please contact info@simonopendoor.ie

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Bookings will be opened on
Tuesday 14 April 2015 10:00



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